1) What’s in the box? We’re not telling: 🙂 It’s a surprise each month!

2) How much does it cost? For a commitment of six months or more it is $99 per month plus $9.95 S&H. Sold individually or less than six months, they are $125 plus $9.95 S&H. Payment is with credit card and billed each month on the day of shipment. Cash or check orders are paid in advance.

3) Can I choose which months they ship? Yes, for consistency and maximum benefit we recommend at least every other month. All boxes ship during the first week of the month.

4) How long do the activities take and how many people can play? They are designed to be 15-20 minutes groups of 4 to 20 people. Players can extend the time by playing extra rounds or adding additional twists and elements.

5) How much space is required for the activities? They are designed to be played within a small conference room or open office space area.

6) Can I choose which activity I receive each month? Not at this time. Each month every Box of Fun contains the same activity. This enables and encourages competition and contests amongst different locations each month, and with other Box of Fun players around the world using the hashtag #MoreFunAtWork on Instagram and Twitter.

7) Can my Box of Fun be reused? Yes, they come with additional score cards and are designed for multiple use.

8) Can the boxes be customized or co-branded? Yes, we require a minimum subscription of 100 boxes per month. Setup and additional fees may apply.

9) Is it possible to send a box as a gift? Absolutely! Boxes of Fun make excellent gifts for key customers and can be sent on your behalf.

10) Is there a guarantee? Heck yeah! if not completely satisfied we will issue a full credit on any individual month. A return is not required. Any missing or defective elements will be shipped immediately at no charge.

Any additional questions are most welcome and encouraged! Drop us an email or call us: 302-731-8800.